Blake’s is a private real estate investment firm with a strong commitment in urban re-gentrification.

We invest in properties that we believe are undervalued in overlooked locations.  Our proven ability to create value through hands-on management has resulted in solid returns for our investments and strong benefits for communities.

Established in 2007 by Alan Lo and Darrin Woo, they began by investing with a modest balance sheet but a wealth of entrepreneurial ideas about creating a real estate investment firm built on a foundation of uncompromising commitment to excellence.

Their idea was to bring new life to neglected neighborhoods through urban revitalization.

They began by investing in small retail properties on Hollywood Road.  They introduced a new breed of lifestyle and F&B operators that became highly successful and attracted a new group of visitors to shop and dine.  They also stumbled upon a historic residential block which later became TwoTwoSix.

Hollywood Road’s transformation from a sleepy neighborhood into a new trendy destination frequented by a group of international and sophisticated clientele has resulted in the creation of long-term value for residents, tenants and owners.

Today, we continue to adhere to our principle of investing in undervalued properties in overlooked locations.